The Master's Blues Band: CD
  • The Master's Blues Band: CD
  • The Master's Blues Band: CD


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Ron Allen and The Master’s Blues Band recording will be a welcome addition to blues and gospel fans. One other point also seems likely, and that is that this album will have a large crossover appeal, and will be played on various formats on the radio dial.

The musicians assembled here are mostly part of “The Master’s Blues Band”, with Johnny “The Claw” Piantadosi on guitar, Charlie McCall on Keyboards and Tom Patton mastering the drums/percussion tracks.

The CD opens up with “In My Father’s House” a straight ahead blues tune and an introduction of what Johnny “The Claw”’s guitar will bring to this record. Listen to these lyrics, as it will make you wonder what “God’s House” really is? You can draw your own conclusions. This is one powerful tune, and very fitting for the current times we live in. This track will make you wonder why it took so long for someone to pick up this album for distribution!

“I Can Do All Things” offers nifty chord changes, funk, the infectious keyboards of Charlie McCall, and the great positive message of Gospel Music.

“Glory Be” written by songwriter, Greg Smith is an upbeat tune and is one of several showstoppers. “What a Friend” is one of three tunes submitted by the gifted arranger, David Sandifer.

Congratulations to RAM Studios for getting-“The Master’s Blues Band” out and into our hands. I suspect that you will be listening to this recording for many years to come. Last but not least, welcome back Ron, we really missed you, but your timing for releasing “The Master’s Blues Band” could not have come at a better time!

Happy listening,

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