"The Sermon on the Amount"

Ron and John sing and minister full time which means this is how God provides for them financially. They are called to sing about the Lord Jesus Christ and they know that the Lord will provide all of their needs.

One way the Lord provides for needs is through the generosity of His people.

Ron's ministry is faith-based; therefore he comes on a love-offering basis. He simply asks that you do your best, keeping in mind this ministry is the main financial support for the Allen family.

Ron Allen Ministries, Inc. asks that you prayerfully consider the many expenses involved in running a full time ministry (e.g. travel expenses, CD projects, equipment, and much more).

Our Board of Directors has determined that it costs the ministry $200 to do a local concert for our Master’s Musicians Duo. Some are able to donate more so we may subsidize others, while some are not in a position to cover the costs.


Ron Allen Ministries, Inc.

RON ALLEN MINISTRIES INC. is a nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. All gifts are tax deductible.