The Master's Musicians

Featuring Ron Allen and Johnny "The Claw" Piantadosi

Johnny and Ron met in December of 2012. There was an immediate chemistry. These brothers in Christ have formed an acoustic duo that will bless you.

With a unique style all their own - where Southern Gospel meets Pop with a little blues/folk/country thrown in for good measure, Ron and Johnny have but one goal - to draw the listener closer to the creator - with music as the venue.

Johnny's Bio

Johnny serves as a music evangelist, worship leader and session musician.

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Ron's Bio

Ron serves as president of Ron Allen Ministries, music evangelist, and writes a daily devotional "Faith is Something We Do"

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What They Are Saying


“…You and John rocked this place with the joy due His Name. Your partnership in the Gospel is Powerful…”

“Your music is such a blessing to me, I have never heard any voice that has blessed me as yours does. I start and end my day with you and your music. Please always continue your music ministry for our Lord and I can't wait for you to be back at our Church.”

“We give thanks to God for giving you the wonderful gift of music which you use so beautifully for His glory. The music and fellowship blessed us last night and we look forward to more evenings of sitting under the stars and praising God.”

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